7 Time Management Tips for Small Business Owners

If you want to manage your time effectively, with a mind to getting more out of your small business, then you’ll love our 7 time management tips for small business owners. Each of these tips from the experts is designed to empower you as an entrepreneur! When you do budget your time efficiently, you’ll boost productivity and lower stress.

Time management is important and there are so many ways that even the most well-meaning entrepreneurs waste time. If you want to complete tasks on schedule and move your company forward, we recommend trying all of these tips. They are designed to help you do business in the most professional and effective manner.

7.) Create a Time Diary

Before you begin to make improvements to time management, you will need to audit your current schedule. This means keeping track of how you spend your workday. We recommend keeping a log for at least one or two days. Make a log via an app or digital document and keep track of all of your activities, from surfing the Web for pleasure to handling emails to billing to inventory and beyond. Leave nothing out, including meal and coffee breaks. Once you’ve logged your time for a while, you’ll see where time is being wasted.

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6.) Discover the Power of the Pomodoro System

The Pomodoro System is a way of working that is very time-efficient. It’s about doing a task for 25 minutes and then having a rest break for 5 minutes. For example, if you’re used to frittering away time looking at news and retail outlets online, start working on a task for 25 minutes. Then, use the 5 minute rest period to get your fix of online entertainment. You may find that following this rule means that you get a lot more actual work done. Most people who use the Pomodoro System notice beneficial change rapidly.

5.) Stop Multitasking During the Workday

Multitasking sounds good in theory. The truth is that it often scatters focus. It’s better to concentrate on a single task until you make headway with it. For example, if you’re working on a report, don’t answer new emails while you’re doing it. Just work on the report in 25 minute spurts and then answer emails during your 5 minute rest break if you want to.

When you fully commit to tasks, you’ll do better work. Your mind won’t be drifting off to other things all of the time.

4.) Ditch the Time-wasters

Facebook is one big time-waster, so try to limit your usage of this addictive social media platform, unless Facebook promotion is a part of your Web marketing strategy. Even if it is a part of your Web marketing strategy, it should be used in a scheduled manner which is all about business. It shouldn’t be something that you’re checking a hundred times a day.

Other time wasters include YouTube, phone calls that drag on endlessly and video games like Candy Crush. You probably already know how you’re wasting time. Identify the problems and then fix them.

3.) Harness the Power of Automation

Automation helps entrepreneurs to do less work and work smarter. One example of automation in action for entrepreneurs is software which allows small business owners to create email campaigns in a streamlined manner. If you do a lot of direct email marketing, investing in this type of program may save you a whole lot of time. Time is money, so choosing superb automation software and using it regularly may be the key to getting more from each workday.

2.) Balance Your Regular Tasks

You’re running a small business and this means that you have regular tasks which come up again and again. You need to schedule these tasks into your workdays. The most critical tasks should take up eighty percent of your time, while the other twenty percent of your time may be used to handle whatever comes up, such as “putting out fires” for your employees. Use the 80/20 rule to keep your work life balanced.

1.) Don’t Forget About Delegation

Delegation is about letting other people do their jobs, instead of micromanaging them. Smart small business owners find good people, train them well and then let them handle things. If you’re not delegating the way that you should be, you’re probably wasting an awful lot of time.

Now that you know 7 time management tips for small business owners, isn’t it time to put them into action?

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