Best Up Sell And Cross Sell Practices

Sales jobs have been the most popular career choice for most of the people coming from commerce background. The craze of doing sales jobs in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other metro cities is increasing among job seekers. Here, I am going to talk about the best practices for doing up-selling and cross-selling to your prospects. With these tips, you can surely improve your selling skills and become a better salesperson. Remember, exploring and digging deep into various aspects of sales will surely help you to climb the ladder of success.

What Is Up-Selling and Cross-Selling?

When a salesperson persuades the customer to buy a more expensive item, in other words, upgrade version of the product is an up-sell. On the other hand, if a salesperson attempts to sell a related item will be a cross-sell.

Up-sell is making a more profitable sale, whereas, a cross-sell is creating an additional complementary needs that are unfulfilled by the original item. For example, an up-sell is convincing a customer to buy an iPhone 7 rather than iPhone 6. A cross-sell is when you sell related product along with it, such as selling a power bank/portable charger with that iPhone.

Best Practices For Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

Don’t Hesitate

Most of the sales person hesitate while pitching for additional sales, which they should. I encourage all the sales professionals out there to try and make an additional sale. The more you make the profit of your company the more are the chances of growing within the organization. While selling, ask questions to uncover the need for an up-sale/cross-sell. It’s not hard, try to develop a need and keep make it relevant to your prospects.

Be Relevant

Now, the questions arise, how to be relevant? Here you go – If you are trying to up-sell/ cross-sell items to customers which they do not need, it will ruin the primary sales as well. Better try to relate the product by making them aware of its benefits and key features.The biggest disadvantage is that the recommendations, which are true to the customer’s liking, might lose its credibility. So, it is good to keep the recommendations as relevant as possible.

Add Value

Bringing your customer’s attention to a product they need is a first step towards making an up/cross-sell. That added convenience is invaluable to your prospects and helps you in creating an amazing impression of your product/brand. You should develop a need or a provide a solution to your customers with your additional sales. If it is not helping them or solving their problem, they won’t make a purchase.


Wait For The Right Time

Timing also plays a very crucial role in making a successful sale. Do not forget, customer’s immediate need should be always given first priority. The best time to cross/up-sell is at the end of the conversation when the customer’s issue has already been resolved and their trust and goodwill have been earned.

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