Freelance writing has seen a considerable boost in the past few years owing to the rise in high quality content demands from clients across the globe. Most clients feel that it is better to approach a freelance writer rather than a content writing agency or a content writing company to get their content writing services done due to the multitude of benefits content writing websites provide. The benefits are not only for the clients, they are also for the freelance writers. A portal that has largely succeeded in providing satisfaction to freelance writers from across India is Contentmart. You can check out how freelance writers on Contentmart providing content writing services.

A close review of Contentmart revealed the following –

Easy Registration

Whether you are a client or a writer, it is easy to sign yourself up on Contentmart. As a writer, Contentmart makes sure you are eligible to be a writer on the website by making you pass the English tests. A writer will be classified as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced writer based on the levels of test they pass. Contentmart further gives an option to the writer to be classified as a Verified writer on the platform by allowing you to submit an essay which is evaluated by a professional team of writers.

Transparent Payment Process

On Contentmart, the payment process is entirely transparent. In a move to ensure that writers are not left unrewarded for their hard work, Contentmart ensures that they collect the agreed upon amount from the client and block it. If the client is not satisfied with the submitted content, they can ask their writer to make relevant changes and re-submit the content.

Plagiarism Check

Once the writer submits content to the client, Contentmart runs a plagiarism check to ensure that it is plagiarism-free before sending it to the client. This way, clients need not worry about the authenticity of the articles that their writers have submitted. The writes can also be assured that the result they deliver is unique and original.

Support for Niche Writers

The website has work for all kinds of writers. Contentmart is a platform where we can find writers falling into different areas of expertise. For instance, if you are looking for niche writers like search marketing copywriters, you can find that Contentmart offers a database exclusively for search marketing copywriters.

Here, you will find that your clients can see their number of completed orders along with their portfolio which has their sample articles.

Final Verdict

Want to get paid to write content without working for a content writing agency or a content writing company? Then you need not look any further. Contentmart is the answer to all your content writing dreams.