Four Factors to Consider When Choosing Bathtub Enclosures

Even the most generic bathtub can be transformed into a luxurious spa by choosing just the right bathroom enclosure. The tub itself serves a function, but it’s the enclosure that will become the focal point of the bathroom, creating a design that will allow you to set just the right mood in this room where you spend time every day. Whether you’re just wanting to upgrade from old shower curtains, or you’d like to create a serene retreat within your home, it’s worthwhile to put some thought into selecting just the right bathtub enclosures to create the bathroom that you want.

  1. Material: Once upon a time most bathrooms came in standard designs. Making edgy choices might involve mixing in some black tiles or going with off-white. But tiles were usually given. But those days are over, and material is the perfect place to get creative. If you’re looking to save money, a DIY project using repurposed tiles can be beautiful and cost-effective. For those who want to splurge, forget the typical tile and consider marble, slab stone or even stainless steel to create sleek, modern look. Nowadays more people are even choosing cabinetry to surround their tubs, creating beautiful country chic looks.
  2. Structural Design: If your bathtub is combined with the shower, then it will be necessary to use some glass to keep the water in the tub and off the floor. While this opens additional material choices such as frosted or clear, it also leads to necessitating important decisions being made about structural design. We’ve all used those generic showers sliding doors that are always falling off the track. Nothing can be more annoying. Use clever design to create a glass enclosure that will look beautiful and operate seamlessly for years to come. Forget the slider all together and have just a half-door, or choose a door that is cantilevered. Don’t forget to carefully consider the height of the glass enclosure, and make sure that the design you choose fits in well with the rest of your bathroom.
  3. Using Existing Architectural Features: Are you always frustrated by the odd shape of your bathroom. Try to use it to your advantage and think about if the possibility of building bathtub enclosures into a nook may work for your set-up. If you’re lucky enough to have a well-placed window you could be enjoying bathing with a view.
  4. The Lay-Out of Fixtures: Think outside of the box: not all bathtubs have to have the faucet at one end. You may want to consider an enclosure that allows for a center placed fixture.