Hackers In Ukraine Used Bitcoins As Ransom To Hide Their Trails

Ukraine is facing a tough situation at this moment due to the outrage caused by a recent cyber attack. It all started in the month of June and continued thereafter. As soon as the investigations began, the officials found out that hackers had attacked thousands of computers in more than 60 countries just to make some quick money.

Hackers Accepted BitcoinsAs Ransom

When the investigation team spent some time on this matter, cross-checked hackers’ bank accounts and kept a close eye on their online transactions, they came to know that hackers had transferred a total of £8000 worth of bitcoins from one account to another light after the hacking attempt. This was the same account in which they used to accept ransom money in the past. The investigation officials suspect the total amount can be way more than this figure.

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During the investigation, the police also found out a note from the hackers which claimed that they were ready to step down the government would pay them money. According to a close source, they demanded a whopping sum of £200,000 and assured that once the payment is made, they would decrypt all the computers that got affected by this cyber attack.

The team of researchers investigating this matter are skeptical about the demand. They believe it is just an attempt to divert everyone’s attention from the primary issue. According to research officials, hackers wanted to create a panic situation in the country so that they could affect the entire system and bring it down. If that had happened, results would be worse than everyone’s expectations.

Businesses Having Tough Time In Ukraine

There are many local businesses in Ukraine which rely on the Internet for a smooth functioning. Many of these files were hit hard by the cyber attack. They lost important client information as well as a lot of revenue, which made them suffer endlessly.

Going forward, the police has assured that all the attackers will be caught soon and put behind bars. Further updates will be shared at earliest.