Ideas on What to Do in Lombok

Going to Lombok for vacation can be a great idea for those who want to escape from daily hectic life and relax themselves. Lombok is located at the east of Bali and not as popular as its neighbor. This island still remains less crowded than its neighbor despite the establishment of international airport in 2011. With quieter ambience, this place is surely the best place to relax your mind and body. It is used to be known as an island that was hard to explore. But recently, the facilities are more established, so tourists can enjoy their time in this island better. Due to its enhancement in tourism facilities, a steady influx keeps happening each year. Despite so, the island is still quieter than Bali and the best choice for those who prefer serene ambience. In this article we will provide brief Lombok travel guide.

There are a lot of things that can be done and a lot of places that can be visited in Lombok. The following list will explain about what to do in Lombok.

  • Adoring the Scenery from Ashtari Kuta: if you want to enjoy tasty food in Lombok, a cafe in Kuta called Ashtari is one of the recommended cafes in Lombok. This cafe offers delicious foods and beverages, but what make this cafe popular is the sceneries that comes with the foods. It is located at a hill overseeing Kura bay, Lombok. There is a patio at the front side of cafe, and the tables are set there. There are some yoga classes being held at the patio in the morning. The most recommended time to visit is at late afternoon.
  • Swimming at Infinity Pool: for those who are looking for hip places in Lombok, a place called Rinjani Logde, with its infinity pool, is a great destination. This lodge is located around Rinjani National Park borders. This infinity pool provides awesome sceneries over the nearby countryside. You don’t have to stay at the hotel to enjoy this pool. Just buy some food and you can swim in this pool as long as you like.
  • Snorkeling at Tangsi Beach: better known by local people as Pink Beach due to its distinct sand’s color, Tangsi Beach is a great spot to capture some wonderful photos. In the secluded bay, the coral reef provides a good spot for snorkeling. If you want to have some canoeing within the bay, you can stay at Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp.
  • Camping beside Lake Segara Anak: joining the Rinjani Hike is a great activity for tourists who love outdoor activity. By joining its three-day two-nights trekking tour, you will get the chance to camp beside Lake Segara Anak. This lake is enveloped by forests and located in Rinjani Caldera. The caldera builds a natural barricade from light pollution, thus you can have a very beautiful seceneries of the sparkling stars.

Those are the list of best things to do in Lombok. Having a short vacation may not be enough to do all the interesting things that are offered in this island. But those activities above will surely become the most unforgettable memories you have ever experienced.