Less Dosage can Prevent Serious Side Effects

Winstrol is also called as Stanozolol. This type of steroid is a great help in burning those stored fats that are accumulating all over the body. This certain type of drug will help to build up a muscular and toned body especially during competition. Some bodybuilders will apply stanozolol or Winstrol v together with other steroids in order to achieve an effective result. However consuming winstrol alone is not common to take it by itself. It is very vital also to have a proper knowledge of how to cycle stanozolol alone. There are few factors that can give a contribution to people who are reacting to differences of winstrol cycle. Those differences rely on the factors such as regular exercise, the dosage, diet and even individual sensitivity to this pill.

Only Cycle of Winstrol

Winstrol is widely used by bodybuilders in their clear-cut cycle in order to preserve lean muscle mass. In this process, they will also burn those fat tissues that been stored for too long. While on this process, it also sustained the lean muscle mass. In these cycles, oral tablets and injectable form had proved that it raises the level of testosterone in the body. During the cutting cycle also, this steroid will not help in gaining some weight. Remember, in order to achieve an effective result, combined winstrol with another steroid.

Proper dosage for Men and Women

Virilization is always present as one of the side effects for women who are taking winstrol. Prior to this statement, this steroid has the ability to consult some masculine characters. This character includes the growth of hair, the deepening of the vocal chords and the enlargement of clitoris on women. In order to avoid such side effects, women must stick to the low dosage and take this drug for short-term only. Most women used Winstrol tablet to be taken orally and must not go higher than its normal dosage which is 10mg.

How to Administer Cutting Cycle

There are several people that have been consuming with various dosages and procedure for steroids depending on its usage. Some consumer takes up to 1000mg in a week. However, this dosage differs from winstrol. On the other hand, its dosage is said to be quite precise and stable. For the female user, the normal dosage will not exceed to 20mg every day. As for men, can take higher than 100mg every day. Dosage must be lessened for the user who is taking other supplements like Anavar.  Bodybuilders choose this type of supplement because of those great benefits that were mentioned earlier.