Pastor Chris Oyakhilome & The Progressive movement of the Christ Embassy

There are numerous religions that people commit to, or dedicate their lives to. Everyone is different in a sense, but everyone is also the same deep down inside. No matter what you as a person believes in, just about everyone has some sort of spiritual connection to a higher power. Have you ever heard of the Christ Embassy? Have you ever heard of Chris Oyakhilome? This affluent church institution is led by one of the most prosperous individuals in the world. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has the experience, leadership and passion, which has thrusted him into the world’s limelight. This brilliant minded individual is a true spiritual leader, and he uses “the word” to get his point across effectively and progressively.

Referred by many as Pastor Chris, the spiritual leader seems to have a hand in numerous religious projects. He is the brains, and the brawn of the entire institution. Unlike other pastors, this guy is a man of many talents as he’s known to be a religious leader, a healer, a television host, and a speaker. With over 30 years of experience under his belt, Pastor Chris has enough intellect to last a thousands years. He teaches the gospel spirit of Jesus Christ in all of his spirit-filled ceremonies at the Christ Embassy. The embassy has grown so much to where it now has locations in Nigeria, Canada and the U.S. This is global ministry at it’s finest, and it’s divine teachings are free to each and everyone. Healing ministry is one of his best attributes. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome uses his faith and teachings to better mankind. Many people have benefited from the divine spirit itself, and they have gone on to live healthier more productive lives. Being such a prolific writer, he is now the head of the world’s number one daily devotional. The church’s website has tons of informative material such as books, apps, audio visuals and testimonies. News and updates on important events can be found here in addition to frequently asked questions. Even the local television networks in the area have gotten in on this powerful message by broadcasting many of the church’s highly rated ceremonies.

When it comes to putting on a show in a spiritual sense, the “Worship Communion Miracle Service” sits atop the list. Also known as the “Zimbabwe Event,” this celebration is attended by hundreds of thousands of people who register. Another plus of the (WCMS) is that it is free of charge. The presence of the Lord can be felt by each and every member who sets foot through those sacred doors. Weeks before the actual ceremony, the anticipation is easily noticeable. There are even religious pep rallies implemented into the mix. This Zimbabwe event is one of the finest in the world today, hands down. There have been many pastors who have said the same things as Chris Oyakhilome, but this spirited religious leader actually practices what he always preach.