Are tungsten carbide rings better than gold?

While gold wedding rings are still popular, many men are making the switch from a gold wedding ring to a tungsten carbide ring. There are many reasons for making this choice, and a quick Google search will reveal countless articles weighing the pros and cons of tungsten rings. People are curious and want to know more, so we’ve decided to address some facts and help the public understand the benefits of wearing a tungsten carbide ring instead of traditional gold or platinum.

A Tungsten Carbide Ring is More Durable than Gold

The fear associated with this fact is that – should you injure your hand – paramedics can’t cut a tungsten carbide ring off. This is simply false. Tungsten rings will break rather than bending or being cut like traditional soft metals like gold. However, tungsten carbide is a great deal stronger than gold or platinum and as such, it is extremely durable and scratch resistant.

It may be worth noting that tungsten carbide’s strength also makes it difficult for jewelers to resize. A tungsten ring can’t be sized. It must be replaced entirely.

Tungsten Rings are Less Expensive than Gold

Tungsten has a similar weight to gold or platinum and, while it is quite rare, it does not hold the same monetary value as gold. That means buying and selling tungsten is pretty much impossible, which makes it unattractive to thieves.

Tungsten Rings are Available in Many More Varieties than Gold

While tungsten may be less expensive, it is also available in a wider variety or styles than is possible with gold. With a wide variety of colors and styles, including brushed, matte or finishes that outshine gold rings, men have never had so many choices to fit their style. Tungsten carbide rings can be made with colored grooves or inlays of carbon fiber, wood, mother of pearl and just about anything a jeweler can think of. Laser engraving is also easier and shows up very well on tungsten rings.

Of course, for the discerning gentleman, tungsten carbide rings can also mount diamonds and other cut jewels to add value and style to the ring.

Tungsten Rings are for Women, Too

Tungsten carbide rings are becoming increasingly popular for men. But women are also turning to this awesome metal for their own rings.

The ability to mechanically texture tungsten rings, combined with tungsten’s natural scratch resistance, means that women have an increasing variety of sparkling, elegant and beautiful rings.

So is tungsten better than gold?

Clearly it comes down to a matter of choice. There are still many reasons people choose gold: it’s more traditional, it has higher value and gold rings can be easily re-sized. But for those who want an affordable ring that will last forever, we think tungsten carbide is a great choice.