Want To Try Different Varieties Of Anadrol Cycles To Get Better Results?

Bodybuilders often indulge in stacking and cycling of steroids to obtain better results. However, it is advisable to understand in detail how each of the steroids works in your body, before you try them. Anadrol is available under different names. Among them Anapolon is considered to be one of the most potent anabolic androgenic steroids that is used by body builders.

Anapolon cycle

Cycle that is proposed by any doctor for medical use is very different from what body builders or athletes use for their performance enhancement and muscle growth. Anapolon is also used by doctors for treating anemic patient as it has got the ability to increase red blood cells in your body.

In the USA, Anapolon use is significantly reduced due to its carcinogen property, however in many other countries it is still available and many underground laboratories also supply them as per customer requirements.

Anapolon cycle is considered to produce very potent anabolic effects and few mild androgenic side effects too. One common side effect is gynecomastia, which means male breast tissue development.

What are the results?

Many images about before and after results of Anapolon usage are seen across the internet. They claim that one can add 10 to 30 pounds of muscles within a few months of its use. However there is a dispute whether these gains are due to water retention within the body or not.

Many bodybuilding website often neglect the development of water retention. They consider that due to water retention body muscles and joints get lubricated avoiding any damage. Some people may however observe muscle tears and joint injuries. Sometime these injuries may take years to recover.

Due to its high potency Anapolon is not recommended to any new users. In addition, experienced users of this steroid need to be very careful, when they use it.

You may also stack it with other drugs

Depending upon your personal target you can also stack Anapolon with some other drugs in order to accelerate the results. You may combine with any other synthetic testosterone for four weeks followed by only testosterone for typically another 7 weeks to complete one cycle.

Another alternate could be taking 50 mg of Anapolon and 30 mg of Dianabol daily for 6 weeks. Dosage may be very high for some people and therefore one must consult a doctor, before considering this option.